The landscape of cyber threats is continuously evolving- leaving organizations vulnerable to cyber breaches. As a leading security service provider, Red Fort Tech acts as a trusted security partner bringing advanced expertise to build a more secure ecosystem. As a beginner, the whole process of acquiring security services can be overwhelming with a number of questions like; where do you start? How much should you spend? What plan is right for you? Well, these are the relevant concerns our security consultants aim to address and resolve.

Cyber Defense

Every organization- regardless of the size, has one common business goal- build a wall of defense to protect the organization from external cyber-attacks. Although all businesses are at the constant risk of cyber threats- small and medium businesses are more vulnerable..

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Consultancy and Advice

Don't compromise with your organization's security, consult with RedFort Tech. As a pioneer in the industry, we offer independent, expert consultancy and advice to address all the essential elements of cybersecurity,

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ISO 27001

Want to get certified with ISO 27001? The professionals at the RedFort Tech will assist you in getting ISO 27001 certification that will help your organization to manage and protect valuable information against security threats.

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Penetration Testing

Knowing your vulnerabilities- and the ways malicious hackers can exploit them to make breaches is one of the most significant insights you can get by conducting regular penetration testing. Our experienced team of penetration testers organize and conduct penetration..

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Risk Assessment and Remediation

How would you tackle a cybersecurity issue without identifying its source? RedFort Tech’s risk assessment and remediation consultants are aware that a single loophole in anything from systems,

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Security Training

Organizations are no longer strangers to cyber breaches. Over the years, thousands of organizations have millions of dollars, euros, and rupees to implement firewall defense to protect their organization. However, this investment has done nothing but provided a false..

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It takes 20 years to build a reputation and a few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.

Stephane Nappo

A single cyber-attack is enough to destroy your whole business. The rise of cyber-attacks has had a huge impact on businesses operating across the globe. As a result, organizations are looking forward to hiring cybersecurity services, to protect their organizations from these online threats that can cost a fortune.

At RedFort, we offer cybersecurity solutions to help the organization understand, identify, and mitigate the risks of cyber breaches. As a pioneer in the industry, we understand that there is a growing skill gap in cybersecurity that needs to be addressed with the right pool of cyber talent. Our cybersecurity solutions cover all the critical areas, including- Perimeter Security, Risk Management, Risk Assessment, Advanced Malware & Ransomware Protection, Third-party risk management, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response, Application Assessment, Security Monitoring-Services, and more. Our team of qualified and experienced cybersecurity experts, continuously monitors the situation to protect the organization from any cyber threat.

Here are some of the reasons why you should partner up with us:
  • Leverage a Team of experts: The landscape of Cyber threats is constantly evolving. Hiring a company that is specialized in cybersecurity, will give you access to a wider team of experts, that will allow you to focus on other tasks in hand. Leveraging the team of experts gives you peace of mind, knowing your organization is protected.
  • Innovation at its finest: To stay on top of current trends, the organization needs to innovate, so they can easily identify and tackle the security threat before it delivers the blow. By working with RedFort Tech, you will have more time to focus on productivity, rather than spending time, money, and resources on security that can be handled by professionals.
  • Help Business with compliance: Data theft has become a major concern; governments have started to impose rules to ensure corporations and businesses are protecting customer data. Having the cybersecurity partner on board will help your organization meet the regulations, while efficiently preventing data breaches.
  • Crisis response to minimize damage: Is your team prepared to handle the cyber breach? Having the extension security team, will ensure you are prepared for a cyberattack with a crisis response, to protect crucial assets and minimize the damage.