Hiring permanent employees, and making them a valuable part of your organization is a significant commitment, so you need to make sure you are connecting to candidates who are striking for the balance between job responsibilities, and company ethos.

Great vision without great people is irrelevant.

Jim Collins

RedFort Tech gives you direct access to fully screened and evaluated candidates who are perfect for filling the position gap in your organization. Our team of experienced professionals can partner up with organizations of all sizes, to provide the best talent for your organization's roles, across various levels within the fastest turnover time. While conducting interviews and screening candidates, we only strive for those who can easily fit into your company culture. Apart from sourcing and screening, we also perform background checks and references, to ensure the authenticity of the experience mentioned by the candidates. From the beginning of contacting the candidate, to the end of the recruitment, we stand as the only source of contact between the company and the candidate.

Why hire through permanent IT staffing services?

For us, recruitment is not only a process of matching the candidate with the job description. Here, at RedFort Tech, we aim to provide permanent workforce solutions with proven expertise in assessing, recruiting, and qualifying candidates for permanent openings. With our tested process, we bridge the skill gap, and amplify business growth with the best candidates. Some of the key benefits of hiring our services include:

  • Professional resourcing: In today's competitive market, the talent over the capital is the economic differentiator. At RedFort Tech, once our HR experts filter down the list of candidates suitable for the role, we develop a customized recruitment plan, to give you direct access to one of the largest networks of specialized professionals, who deliver the expertise your organization needs to seize new opportunities in the market.
  • Detailed verification of candidates: After gathering the suitable candidates, our professionals start with interviews to begin with the shortlisting process. Our experts aim for candidates who have both soft and hard skills that are necessary for the job role. We closely work with your team to ensure we are selecting the right candidates for the role.
  • Legalities of finalizing job offers and follow up: With the flexible range of services and trained team of professionals, we manage, finalize, and negotiate before securing the signed offer letter from the candidates. Our deep understanding of the candidate's skills and needs helps us to deliver the right staffing solutions for your needs.