In the competitive world, almost every organization is striking for the best talent possible. However, most of these companies lack sufficient staff or recruiting infrastructure to meet the increasing recruitment demand. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)- a highly effective recruitment practice can look after your organization's staffing needs, while keeping the entire process transparent, streamlined, and efficient, so you can hire top-notch candidates without going through any hassle. This highly effective practice has been successfully adopted by big brands like; Google, Facebook, Tesla, IBM, and more.

If you think it's expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.

Red Adair

RedFort Tech is one of the leading RPO staffing solution providers, who offer customized RPO staffing solutions that cut administrative cost-per-hire, saves productive time-per-hire, and resources, while improving the overall quality of hire, delivering greater return on investment. Our RPO solutions are the perfect blend of professional recruiters, advanced technologies, and the best hiring practices to transform your in-house team into the powerhouse, with qualified talents. Aligned with the hiring representative of your organization, our RPO staffing services aim to deliver an end-to-end recruitment process, right from sourcing, assessing, screening, placing, and reporting while utilizing expertise, technology, and performance indicators.

Some of the key benefits you can enjoy with our RPO solutions are:
  • Custom solutions that scale your needs: RPO solutions allow organizations to address the real-time hiring fluctuation in the market. The team of HR professionals, allow management to scale up when there is demand, and scale down when things slow down. This is ideal for companies who rely on client-based projects and need to scale up immediately.
  • Assessment of the current recruitment model: RPO professionals may re-design the current recruitment model to make it consistent across departments. This makes it far easier for management to evaluate and understand how the procedure is developing with time.
  • Global recruiting know-how: The hiring process differs from one country to another, and any HR or talent director understands how time-consuming it can be. The RPO provider has keen knowledge and expertise in expanding your team globally.
  • Enhanced stakeholder engagement: the RPO solution leads to better engagement between hiring managers and senior leaders, which can further improve the quality and efficiency of the recruitment process, and meet HR satisfaction level.