Every business is unique in terms of products, services, and processes. However, when it comes to joining hands with third-party vendors, you need to be careful with whom you choose to share your vulnerable information.

Security is always excessive until it's not enough.

Robbie Sinclair

At RedFort Tech, we focus on the risks of outsourcing to the third-party supplier for data processing, and carry out the crucial steps to perform the third-party supplier audit to ensure the privacy of the data. Our qualified professionals have years of experience, assisting organizations in performing supplier audits by undertaking them on their behalf.

Acquiring supplier audit services from RedFort Tech will;
  • Help you with obligations: Our expert technical auditor, will comprehend the scope of your work and business objectives to come up with a detailed proposal, to protect sensitive information involved with a third-party supplier.
  • Undertake critical privacy assessment: RedFort's detailed assessment will allow you to gain assurance over the supplier's compliance with the security standard. The supplier audit solutions will also cover the range of privacy control, and deliver a detailed risk-based report.
  • Offer consultancy and advice: If necessary, RedFort Tech will take a step forward and work with your supplier, to ensure they are not exposing your organization to cyber threats and meeting all the security requirements.