Embrace the Cloud Transformation to Make Things More Responsive and Efficient

Embrace the Cloud Transformation to Make Things More Responsive and Efficient

Taking a step toward cloud transformation? If yes, then here is the essential information you need to move further with the cloud migration.

Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest species that survived nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.”

Agility, flexibility, and efficiency are the pillars of organizational growth. In the modern era where customers believe in the concept of “always connected,” your organization requires embracing digital transformation and technology to the top of the highly competitive and disruptive market. The traditional system, rigid systems, and outdated platforms will only stunt the growth while pushing the company at the bottom.

It’s been a while since companies come to realize that cloud transformation is critical for both survival and success in the global market. Now, the question is why companies are delaying the adoption of the cloud even after knowing its significance?

The impact of the pandemic on the cloud adoption

The pandemic did one thing for sure- it shone the spotlight on the companies who have been venturing the cloud in an unsystematic way. Organizations that handled the market change were the ones who had started their journey of cloud transformation, months, or years before the pandemic crisis hit the market. Not only this, but these companies had also understood that cloud is the answer to all the modern-day business challenges rather than being another thing to add in your IT infrastructure.

The highly competitive business environment and evolving needs of customers are indicating toward one thing- It is the time to adopt cloud transformation. However, just like all the transformation, cloud transformation is also a journey toward business growth- with some tough challenges. As far as professionals at RedFort Tech believe that unwillingness to adopt the cloud is constrained by the lack of knowledge, no clear objective, and failure to identify the risks associated with the outdated technology and systems. 

How to integrate cloud transformation

Taking your first step toward the cloud transformation is essential as it signifies that you are willing to be part of the change- something that will rule the market in the future. As it can be overwhelming for complete beginners to adopt the transformation, we have come up with a strategy to help you transform with the cloud while fulfilling the business goals, defined by three different categories.


There is a famous saying that “By failing to plan, you are planning to fail,” and when it comes to cloud transformation, you could never agree more. Companies should relate the cloud migration with the business goals to achieve the desired outcomes- for instance, companies can relate the cloud integration with fast delivery of services or facilitating the need of customers to stay connected around the clock. After analyzing the goals, RedFort Tech can design the roadmap for the cloud integration linked to the business objectives.


Once the planning part is completed, the next step is to transform the organization’s portfolio and workloads that will benefit from the implementation of the cloud model. You need to identify what legacy infrastructure looks like, or how deep is the gap between where you are standing, and where you want to reach? Remember, digital transformation is a never-ending process, and it cannot be treated as a one-time project. Starting with the areas that require immediate attention will add more value to the future. It is essential to decide whether you want to transform all areas of business or just want to stick to the basics for a while, whether you want to improvise your internal business infrastructure further or add more value to the customer experience? Answering these questions will allow you to utilize the opportunity in hand for partial or complete transformation.

For instance, many companies are still using legacy to store information and manage operations, purchase, sales, and most important- human resource, creating silos of information that is accessed and used by only one department of the organization. Implementing the cloud-based ERP solution will make the information accessible by all the departments, eliminating the need to store these silos while ensuring everyone is one the same page when it comes to identifying and resolving the issues in hand.

As a growing organization having an integrated mutual view is crucial for better decision-making, and cloud-transformation will allow you to achieve that milestone.


Now, once the transformation is completed, it is time to harness the true potential of the cloud and take a step toward the operation phase. At this phase, you will assist in managing the applications and services in a new cloud environment, backed-up by the extensive automation, so the IT team can focus on priorities in hand. Taking advantage of the improved infrastructure, environments, and boardroom decision making, companies can stay ahead of their competitors in the market.

In the end, migrating your business to the cloud is a massive step, and without the proper planning, implementation, and future strategy in hand, it is difficult to unlock the true potential of the cloud. RedFort Tech’s cloud integration solutions are designed in a manner to enable large and complex transformation in the easiest way possible- we are the cloud partner that will assist you throughout the entire transformation journey.


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