Every organization- regardless of the size, has one common business goal- build a wall of defense to protect the organization from external cyber-attacks. Although all businesses are at the constant risk of cyber threats- small and medium businesses are more vulnerable as they lack the resources to build a cyber barrier, or recover from the damage caused by cyber-attacks.

Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one.

Stephane Nappo

According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2017 report, almost 61% of small businesses suffered from at least one type of cyber-attack. In many cases, small and medium-sized businesses become a test target for malicious hackers who want to test their skills before moving toward large-size organizations. Whether you are a startup, small, medium, or large-sized organization, if there is a weakness, they will exploit it.

Here are some of the key services RedFort Tech offers to protect your business against cyber-attacks:
  • Complete organizational reconnaissance: RedFort Tech will investigate every aspect of your organization from email etiquette, website pages, published materials to responses to online queries. We will gather all the information to highlight what we have found in your organization to advise on what crucial information or assets you have exposed to malicious hackers.
  • Social media assessment: Our professionals will go through the social media exposure of your organization. They will check every twitter threat, bio, links, and comments on your social media accounts and posts to see if you have exposed any information that can be exploited to steal or fake the identity of your organization.
  • Phishing Protection: Phishing emails are the hacking attempt initiated to break into the system by luring the genuine employee. RedFort Tech will investigate to hunt down the phishing sources and the culprit behind them while providing necessary training to educate your staff to prevent future phishing incidents.
  • External network analysis: RedFort Tech will scan the network to identify possible ways to access and use your data without your knowledge and permission.