RedFort’s external network penetration testing solutions help to proactively assess new vulnerabilities and threats that allow any outsider to access your critical information easily. The system vulnerabilities that can expose the IT infrastructure to malicious hackers consist of factors including weak security configuration, poor design and codes with backdoors, and ineffective system management.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Benjamin Franklin

The testing could result in the discovery of loopholes in the security structure, such as weak passwords, unpatched systems, and insecure critical data.

Key benefits of external penetration testing:
  • Provides management details about the exploitation with the proof, which outline virtual assets that will be targeted and compromised during an attack.
  • Detects unknown vulnerabilities that may be exploited to access valuable data.
  • Reduces overall risk of business continuity
  • Meets the security compliance
  • Strengthen network and systems against host compromise
  • Complete post-test care for the risk remediation