Most of the organization primarily focuses upon protecting their IT infrastructure from the external threats without considering threats that the organization faces from the inside. RedFort’s Internal network penetration test evaluates the strength and weaknesses of the internal security network to improve the overall security posture. As the internal staff has greater access to valuable information than an outsider, they are part of the whole network that is most vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

All the organizations have a lapse, even the great ones.

Our team of qualified internal network penetration testers will work with your organization to evaluate internal threats and make detailed recommendations to improve the security structure. Our penetration experts are equipped with tools, labs, and methodologies to deliver accurate, detailed, and meaningful results.

The benefits of performing Internal network penetration testing:
  • Identifies weaknesses of the system architecture
  • Tests the functions of the existing intrusion detection and response systems
  • Determines if employee(s) accessing more resources than you intended
  • Identifies which information can be exploited by a rogue employee
  • Enables encryption
  • Provides detailed recommendations to mitigate newly discovered vulnerabilities