RedFort's IT system audit services, enable you to deal with the identification and analysis of the potential cyber risks, their mitigation, and safe removal.

RedFort Tech offers comprehensive IT system audit services to ensure the quick delivery of measurable results, with a list of clear actions that need to be taken. Our initial audit solutions including- Server audit, Software Audit, Security Audit, IT infrastructure audit, IT Process Audit, etc. help the organizations to comprehend their key risks, and how to mitigate and control them.

If you can't show through an audit trail how you arrived at the numbers on your balance sheet, that is a significant internal control failure.

Robert Cobb

RedFort has a large network of IT system auditors, who provide brief information about threats that revolve around complex technologies of today's generation. The scope of the audit directly depends upon the size and scope of the client's business and their specific needs.

Our IT system audit services aim to:
  • Provide unbiased audits: Although you may have the internal auditor to perform the task, hiring the external IT auditor will ensure the reports are completely unbiased, so that you can have a clear idea of the internal affairs. With external IT system audit solutions, there will be no risk of your audit being defensive or less than a useful tool, that represents your organization's clear image.
  • Review internal processes: The third auditor, like RedFort Tech, can tell you things your own employees missed due to the familiarity. Therefore, it is always better to have an extra pair of eyes and a new perspective to audit your documents.
  • Add more credibility: If conducted through the external auditor(s), your financial statements will carry more weight in the eyes of investors and stakeholders. For publicly traded companies, the external IT audit, offers an unbiased glimpse of the internal practices that are taking place in the organization.
  • Prevent frauds: While it may sound and feel unpleasant to think that someone could be defrauding your company. still, it is better to know for sure than leading with doubt. The team of qualified auditors of RedFort will filter the bookkeeping, without a personal relationship with employees, clouding their fair judgment- delivering reports that can help you prevent internal frauds.