Phishing is an act of sending malicious emails to a target to access the critical information available on the system. This method of cyber-attack is quite popular due to its success rate. RedFort Tech’s phishing penetration tests will evaluate how many employees easily fall for the phishing ploy and whether the organization needs to provide phishing training to employees. No matter how secure your system, network, or application is, human elements can be easily exploited.

90% of the cyber-attacks worldwide begin with a phishing email.

Our phishing penetration tests combine in-depth research, phishing tools, open-source intelligence, and automated tools to target your unique environment and users. These tests will give you accurate details of the employee vulnerability and recommend necessary training programs to improve awareness among the staff.

The benefits to your organization:
  • Understand at which extend phishing attacks can affect your organization
  • Prepare your employees for phishing attacks
  • Test the scanning of inbound and outbound communications
  • Ensure the defense mechanism is functioning properly
  • Close the path of the most advanced malware
  • Test the effectiveness of the correlation tools