Organizations are no longer strangers to cyber breaches. Over the years, thousands of organizations have millions of dollars, euros, and rupees to implement firewall defense to protect their organization. However, this investment has done nothing but provided a false sense of security, which left them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. If the staff is not trained about cyber breach techniques such as phishing then, there is always a backdoor- hackers can exploit to make a breach.

Phishing attacks have the ability to skirt technology and target human emotion, making it imperative that organizations, empower their employees to be part of the solution.

With RedFort Tech’s custom security training, you can train your employees to identify and mitigate cyber threats. Through detailed security training, you will not only safeguard your organization, but also instill good security habits in your staff, which will make them an additional layer of defense to thwart cyber-attacks. Here are some of our training courses to train your employees:

  • Online training: RedFort Tech offers online security training to increase risk awareness, such as educating employees to defend against phishing attacks, ensuring they are well versed with signs of cyber-attacks and techniques to tackle them down before they cause any damage.
  • Social media guidance: RedFort Tech will set guidelines to safely use social media platforms without sharing critical information to jeopardize the organization.
  • Escalation procedures: Professionals at RedFort will establish an escalation procedure, so the staff can quickly respond to a phishing email or call.
  • Drop-in learning sessions: To make the training session more meaningful and enjoyable, RedFort offers drop-in sessions where employees can drop in over their lunch, or tea break to ask questions about security training in a more informal and comfortable environment.