RedFort’s Web Application penetration testing consists of a proven penetration method with experienced testers to achieve consistency, reduce the cost, and mitigate the risk of your website falling into the trap of cybercriminals.

Keeping web applications safe should be the ultimate goal of all organizations.

Web applications play a crucial role in modern organizations, and if failed to protect, cybercriminals will compromise these applications, damage your productivity, the reputation you’ve built, and steal data. It is not enough to entirely rely on the traditional firewalls, and web application security scanners as they don’t stand a chance against a cyber-attack to specific web applications.

Our experienced penetration testers conduct a series of tests to find valuable insight into the security posture of your web applications, so you can patch all the loopholes before a cyber-criminal can exploit them to cause severe damage.

The benefits:
  • Discover your vulnerabilities and exposure before somebody else does
  • Understand the level of risk before a breach occurs
  • Identifies what applications may be compromised during an attack
  • Meet network security requirements
  • Learn how to strengthen your security program
  • Combined benefits of White-Box and Black-Box testing
  • Address and fix identified application flaws