Wireless security can be a major concern for organizations. Unlike others, threats from the wireless network are unique and contain substantial risks. When not secured, the wireless network can become the launching pad for larger cyber-attacks, and breaches. RedFort Tech’s advanced wireless network tests ensure that your organization is not exposed to any cyber-attacks via the WLAN. Our custom wireless network penetration testing solutions allow organizations to identify threats ranging from rogue access points to signal bleed.

89% of vulnerabilities can be exploited using the wireless network, which means hackers rarely need physical access to steal data.

Cyber-criminals can exploit these access points to record wireless traffic to gather critical information such as login credentials, passwords, and IP address to take over the network or leverage it to attack those who are connected with it. Our wireless network penetration testing mitigates these threats by evaluating and securing these access points of the organization.

Through the Wireless Network penetration testing, we will:
  • Identify rogue access points that could be exploited
  • Assess the configuration of all wireless access points
  • Exploit vulnerabilities of the wireless network
  • Evaluate wireless security control
  • Identify poorly managed and easily used pre-shared keys
  • Prevent men-in-the middle attacks